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Angela Pacey

VanDyk Mortgage North Carolina

NMLS#: 96176

VanDyk Mortgage North Carolina

Angela Pacey Branch Manager

Currently, I am the branch manager of the VanDyk Mortgage office in Charlotte, NC. We service North and South Carolina. I work very hard for my clients to make the lending experience as painless as possible in today’s environment. At the end of the day, 3 things really matter in regards to a new mortgage loan:

Rate--did I receive a competitively priced rate that is best for my given situation? VanDyk Mortgage has the most competitive rates in the market.

Costs--were the costs the same at the closing table as they were when originally presented, did they make sense and were they reasonable when compared to the competition?

Closing--was my loan closed on time and did it cause little or no effort on my part?

Here at VanDyk Mortgage, we're not a volume shop, so every loan gets my special attention...that way we can provide a 'yes' response to all of those questions above.

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